A panel of experts from 18 different countries have published evidence, leading The Hypertension Society to advise that; meditation, listening to calming music and doing exercises which relax your muscles, can reduce stress-related high blood pressure.

We intuitively know this (and see the impact of this) through the delivery of POWER Yin, which is a powerfully immersive way of accessing all three of these interventions (meditation, gentle movement and calming music).

But it’s even better when there is robust evidence to prove their effect on measurable health outcomes, such as blood pressure. And when organisations such as The Hypertension Society recommend these interventions, it boosts the profile and importance of including them in every-day life.

Stress-related high blood pressure can cause serious health conditions such as heart attack, stroke and vascular dementia. It affects around 1 in 3 adults in the UK and so finding a way, your way, to support your cardio-vascular health is a game changer.

POWER Yin is an invitation to be even more intentional with your energy, a truly unique offering to create space to connect to mind, body and breath and shift to a feeling of inner peace and calm. It’s brilliantly inclusive and accessible for everyone, including those who are less mobile and may not otherwise participate in practices which benefit cardiovascular health.

Consider it permission to slow down, move gently and mindfully, all the while enjoying the peace and calm that music can bring. You’ll be doing your heart and your cardio-vascular health so much good.

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