What’s the banana about…

We are on a mission to shift mindset and revolutionise the mental health landscape, through the power of bananas and immersive movement experiences

Words about POWER…

Dr Zoe Williams
ITV, This Morning

Helen Francis
Senior Director, Transformation, Capability and HR Strategy
Bacardi-Martini Limited

Melissa Mullen
Global Brand President
Sweaty Betty





Where do I begin?

…by exploring your energetic intention for your POWER experience.


It’s original POWER; banging tunes, bananachat, wild+free (just as Elaine intended).

Moving on-or-off-static bikes, POWER is intentionally high-energy.

Calm and Peaceful

POWER Yin, is the Yin to the Yang. The ultimate banana savasana.

Standing or seated movement, POWER Yin is Adapted Tai Chi, guided relaxation and meditation.

A mix of both?

Yes, absolutely, we can explore both.

POWER and POWER Yin complement each other beautifully.

Both energies can be intimate or big-bunch scale, delivered in-person or online.

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